Virtual Conferencing


Kristen Hyuck

Hello friends,

The events over the last few days are unlike any that most of us have ever faced, or contemplated facing, during our careers. As you have undoubtedly discovered you are playing a vital even critical role in your college and/or district’s response to the crisis gripping our state, nation, and world. I wanted to take a moment to remind you all to stop occasionally, take a deep breath, go for a quick walk outside (weather permitting)…take 5 minutes for you. Knowing many of you and the huge undertaking you have shouldered I have no doubt that there are plenty of late nights, stress induced deadlines, and your own fears and anxieties that you’re dealing with. Yet, through all of that I know that each of you are also displaying that outwardly calm, confident professional repose as you sculpt messaging to allay fears, communicate clearly, and provide information where needed.

All of us on the CCPRO board are grappling with the same issue you are. So, should you have a question, need to bounce an idea off someone, or just need to hear from a friendly voice…call or email one of us. Remember, this will pass and we’re all going to have amazing, incredible stories to share when we get together virtually in April, 2021.

Be well.


CCPRO Board President